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Onde quer que estejam, não há nada a fazer…

“I’m simply addicted to Money”
(In The London Paper, city girl – citygirl@thelondonpaper.com)

I have an addiction. My addiction gets me out of bed in the morning and plagues my thoughts and throughout the day. I’m addicted to money. Nothing else makes me as happy. After a pay rise or a bonus, I’m giddy for days on end.
There’s a few stipulations – it has to be my money and I must at least feel like I earned it. I’m ferociously independent and could never accept a man’s money (I know I’m unique).
(…) I learn from a very early age that money was the most important thing in my life.
Money provides comfort, security and can make happy in a way nothing else can. Anyone who says otherwise is lying and is probably poor.
In the city there are two types of well-paid worker. The first enjoys their job, is good at it and is consequently suitably rewarded. The other kind, and I am including myself in this lot, earn lots of money because they have no other choice. The need for money is too strong to be ignored and money must be made by any means necessary.
(…) In a society that has a particular disdain for ambitious women, would women admit it if they do? Is it as socially acceptable for a woman to be greedy as men?
Even though we teach our children not to be greedy, the same virtue in the City is encouraged and rewarded. In fact, the greedier you are the better you do. Greed is not only good; it’s a survival skill. I don’t think I have a problem and I’m certainly not ashamed as of my addiction... I am of course a workaholic, which means very little time and energy for a social life. And substantially less time and opportunities for dating, which in turn leads to a gut-wrenching fear that I’m going to die alone and childless.
But what the hell, I can afford a good therapist.

Como diz o meu amigo Liam: “We are just people…”

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Blogger Teresa Durães disse...

conheço já muitas mulheres assim. nada a acrescentar.

pois eu não estou mesmo para isso. venha o dinheiro mas sem trabalho!

(olha, venha em forma de herança, já que não jogo!)


Boa tarde

4:45 da tarde  
Blogger Peter disse...

"learn from a very early age that money was the most important thing in my life"

Rica filosofia de vida.

Desde esta madrugada que eu e a "bluegift" andamos às voltas com o n/maldito blog.
Já gastei uma fortuna em chamadas para o estrangeiro, mas parece que já está afinado. É capaz de me ter escapado algum blog nos links.

Eu e a "blue" adoramos estas conversas sobre Astrofísica e Cosmologia, mas prometemos parar.


11:01 da tarde  
Blogger Cris disse...

Cada um com os seus vicios....

Concordo com a Teresa, venha €€€€€ e sem trabalho, €€€ nunca são demais.



11:07 da manhã  
Blogger Ahlka disse...

Yuppi não tem género feminino ou masculino :)

12:41 da tarde  
Blogger as velas ardem ate ao fim disse...

Dsc Ant mas estou com a Teresa!


9:00 da tarde  

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